Saturday, September 10, 2011

So, I just signed up for volunteer work with the Wasatch Community Gardens.  I am very excited to make new friends and be a more active part of my community.  I attended their yearly "Tomato Sandwich" party today.  They were serving pesto (made from their gardens) spread over locally produced bread with a fresh garden tomato on top.  They had several varieties of tomatoes to choose from.

A view of one of the organic gardens maintained by Wasatch Community Gardens.

Some snacks served by Whole Foods at the garden.  Bread, goat cheese, and a fresh basil leaf in the foreground and a crisp, honey and goat cheese in the background.

Musicians at the tomato party.

Another view of the garden.

Wasatch Community Gardens supports several organic community garden plots throughout Salt Lake City.  They donate their harvest to homeless shelters, educate young urban youths about gardening, and create a common place for community members to come together to grow organic produce.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the gardening end of cooking.  I think it will help motivate me to expand my blog.  

I want to eventually have my own garden.  I have applied for a plot with the community garden, but the waiting list is long.  Until then, I will just kill the plants in my window.