Sunday, August 21, 2011

Food Circle?

The feds (USDA to be specific) have released a new way to think about what kind and how much food they want you to eat:

This is the icon for MyPlate which replaced MyPyramid in June 2011. The new MyPlate icon is composed of a plate divided into 4 sections: fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein. A dairy section is off the plate to the side. The MyPlate graphic is positioned on a placemat with the website written underneath. The 5 sections of MyPlate are clickable and go to food group subpages.
I think I prefer the plate layout over the older versions (see below), and like how vegetables are taking a major role.
This plate layout is definitely easier to visualize than the food pyramid, which is what we were taught meant good nutrition back in the day.

File:USDA Food Pyramid.gif

According to wikipedia, the classic pyramid was updated in 2005, before being replaced by plate more recently.

I find it interesting that dairy continues to play an important role in government-certified nutrition (see milk glass in first picture).  I love some cheese and have respect for dairy products, but I question dairy as a necessary component of a balanced diet.

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Obama Administration Replaces Food Pyramid
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